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Why Cleanse?


Each year 12 billion pounds of toxic waste are spewed into the air creating myriad stealth health conditions in the American Public. Each American on average inhales 8 pounds of toxic air annually. The (EPA) Environmental protection agency published a paper several hundred pages long which documented the health hazards of toxic metals which are found in the food supply, air, water, some clothing, and some medicines. Essentially no person in an industrialized nation is free from the toxins about. “Toxin” actually means “poison or poison for arrows.” These poisons can interfere with normal bodily function and hormonal processes. They are present in many sick and diseased persons. Based on the above data it is good idea to cleanse the body twice annually and prudent to take measures that can shield it from the various pollutions such as electromagnetic, air, water, and adulterated food that has over the years made the USA the number 23 in terms of health in the world.

Seasonal Clenses


The Seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer occasion different functional changes in the body.  Based on this association we have carefully crafted these seasonal cleanses. Each package comes with professional help and exact items needed to get results. Although any organ can be cleansed at any time, using the seasonal approach this may take some guesswork away from finding a starting place.

For example Fall is time for high energy in the Colon, skin, and lungs. It is the perfect time for a colon cleanse. The Colon is one of the most important organs in the body. It is the final pathway for elimination of wastes.

Specialty Cleanses


Specialty cleanses are programs designed for specific lifestyles or exposures. If you can think of an occupation or station in life you may have noticed that there are certain activities or behaviors that may expose these individuals to unusual toxic burdens. Nurses and auto mechanics have a high rate of exposure to certain chemicals. Homemakers and children have increased exposure to dust containing many chemicals which cause hormone disruption and possibly other health problems.

Cellular Cleanses


Cellular cleansing is both an old and new method of cleansing the human body. Energies can have a healing effect on the human body. Some great example are sunlight which stimulated the bodies to create vitamin D from cholesterol, and ultrasound used as pain control or to aid in decreased swelling of tissues, or how about the "good old heating pad" Our cleansing protocols are simple but powerful and non invasive and use some of the latest research and technology to stimulate the cells of the body to increase the metabolism and release of bound up toxins. They involve the combined use of nutrition and machines to assist the body in purging toxins.

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