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Green Vegetables Juice

About Us

Welcome to the Body Cleansing Center your choice for quality professional, balancing, cleansing and detoxification programs to help you deal with toxins and burdens from the environment. We have carefully created programs that stimulate your already inborn ability to purge toxins. Science has demonstrated to us that we have the equipment in our bodies that is needed to purge and get rid of many of the 65,000 chemicals contain in the houses we live in, water we drink, and food we eat. It is a good thing. However there are some things that one should do to increase the bodies ability to purge or chemically alter the poison about and that is what we are here for.


Our practice of cleansing is based on over 100 years of experience in the field of professional cleansing.

Our staff has been trained by experts in wholistic healthcare and certified as cleansing consultants. They are one of a kind.They understand the process of body cleansing and what it takes to get the job done right as well and how often it is needed. All programs are doctor created and supervised by a certified cleansing consultant. Each consult has completed a program of training that covers that many aspects of cleansing as well as expectations and protocols. When the need arises they are also educated on when to make appropriate referrals for conditions needing immediate attention should the need arise. Our resources also allow consultants to consult with doctors knowledgeable in cleansing for difficult cases. We are a great place to stop and learn about any cleanse that you have heard of. If we have no knowledge of it we will research it and give you the pro's and con's.

Our product lines are custom made and available only via our centers or healthcare providers. We use nothing but the finest natural ingredients in whole form when possible.

Our Goal


We love it when we can help people be happy, healthy and educated about the relationship between their bodies and the environment. We provide our customers with a priceless service - enhanced well being.


We look forward to providing you with services and products that indeed will improve your life in many ways and reduce your toxic load. Stop by a location today or call to make an appointment.

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