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Doctor Designed

Over a 20 year period, Dr. Mincey has developed simple yet effective protocols for both cleansing and detoxification to help his patients, and now you can experience these benefits.

"I felt good after my first cleanse, my bowel function improved and I had a lot of energy and it lasts." 


Cleanse vs Detox

What is a "CLEANSE?" A "cleanse" is a regimen of vitamins herbs, minerals, clays and foods which help the large intestine rid itself of stored wastes and buildup that may cause inefficient function. When the large intestine is not healthy several health problems (some remote and seemingly unrelated) may be caused.

What is a "DETOX?" A detox is the the use of vitamins, herbs, diet and mineral to influence cells to function better and assist the body on the cellular level with elimination of toxins and wastes. Inefficient function on the cellular level caused many problems.


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